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10 DIY Fall Decor Ideas

DIY Fall Decor

10 DIY fall decor ideas to decorate your house without spending so much. The season is just beginning and we are already obsessed with the cell phone looking for the latest fashion in decoration in stores. We got to make huge lists but in the end we didn’t buy anything because in a short time we got twenty that we have more important expenses. We search and you have to see the amount of things that you can do without spending your entire fortnight.

Although I confess that autumn is not exactly one of my favorite seasons, I admit that it leaves some spectacular landscapes, with a range of tones that can take your breath away. And, in addition, nature provides us with an abundance of materials to use in our DIY fall decor. So, take note of some of the ideas that we have collected and go ahead and decorate with these proposals.

10 DIY Fall Decor Ideas

  1. Autumn Leaves Garland

    How little can a result like this be achieved. All you need is autumn colored paper, jute string, mini wooden tweezers, and glue. Create a template to mimic the edges of the leaves so they will all look the same. Then you just have to fold the paper into an accordion shape. To make the petiole, use a strip of paper and glue it to the leaf. Now you just have to attach the leaves to the rope with mini-clips and hang the garland where you want.

    Autumn Leaves Garland

  2. Leaf Lamps

    The leaves of the trees give a lot of play. You can create beautiful lamps with recycled glass jars. Glue the leaves on the outside of the jar with transparent glue and place a candle inside. You can even use a wire to wrap it around the mouth of the jar and shape it into a
    handle. So you can transport the lamp as if it were a lantern?

    Leaf Lamps

  3. Bowl With Leaves

    Also with leaves you can get an original bowl. You only need a balloon and transparent glue. Blow up a balloon and stick the leaves together, reinforce the bottom of the bowl with more leaves. Let dry and then poke the balloon to remove it carefully. You already have your bowl ready?

    Bowl With Leaves

  4. Mobile With Leaves

    A composition of leaves is fantastic to decorate. The ones in the image have been painted with watercolors, but if you find some pretty leaves in different shades, the result is sure to be great. Use nylon string to attach them to a branch.

    Mobile With Leaves

  5. Slate Trunk

    This blackboard made with a piece of tree trunk is very original. All you need is chalkboard paint (almost all brands have)… and chalk! So you change the messages whenever you want.

    Slate Trunk

  6. Leaves With Lights

    This garland of natural leaves with lighting looks beautiful in any corner. And you can even take advantage of it for Christmas (there is less left!). You only need a string of lights and glue each leaf on each bulb.

    Leaves With Lights

  7. Autumn Candle Holder

    With mason jars and twigs you can create great candle holders. Glue them with the hot glue gun. Place a candle inside the jars and you have it. You can even use cinnamon sticks to surround the jar for a sweet scent.

    Autumn Candle Holder

  8. Pineapple Center With Lights

    It can’t be any easier … Some pineapples, a basket and a string of lights (there are batteries). Explanations abound. Wherever you place this center you will succeed.

    Pineapple Center With Lights

  9. Flowerpots Adorned With Branch

    If you want to give an original touch to your pots, there are many ways to do it. The most common is to paint them, but here you have another way. You need branches of a certain thickness and different sizes. Cut them into slices of the same thickness and stick them in the pot.

    Flowerpots Adorned With Branch

  10. Aromatic Bags

    Do you like aromatic bags? They’re great for cabinets and drawers, right? Well, this autumn bag uses chestnuts for decoration. Fill the bag with lavender, tea leaves, or any other item whose scent you like. Take a pretty ribbon and stick a chestnut or other motifs on it (use the hot glue gun, for example). Close the bag and that’s it.

    Aromatic Bags

If you already saw the 10 DIY fall decor ideas to decorate your house without spending so much. String lights are one of my favorite DIYs for this fall. And yours?

Sarah Andrea

Written by Sarah Andrea


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