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DIY 3D Face Mask Pattern Step by Step

DIY 3D Face Mask Pattern Step by Step

This is how you sew your own 3D face mask in a short time, even as a beginner. The thing with the mouth and nose mask, face mask, mouth and nose cover, makeshift mask and why it is not called a mouth guard.

At the moment everything revolves around Corona, Covid-19 and the terrible consequences that these little beasts are causing among us bipeds. So I decided to write a purely ‘human’ blog post for once: Instructions for a quick-sewn mask with an optional nose clip and opening for a filter (if you want one).

Please note, however, that this type of mask is NOT a face mask in the sense of the (medical) definition, because only the certified face masks from the medical field offer proper protection against viruses & Co.! Nevertheless the masks are currently compulsory or strongly recommended in many areas, and if they are, then in colorful, beautiful and practical, right?

The Material For The 3D Face Mask

  • a piece of fabric 25 cm x 35 cm
    (preferably high-quality, firm cotton that can withstand high washing temperatures – if possible, washed once)
  • Rubber band (boil-proof)
  • for women: 2 pieces of approx. 14 – 15 cm
    for men: 2 pieces of approx. 19 – 20 cm

  • Nose clip (optional) approx 10 cm long
  • Suitable yar
  • Scissors
  • Pins / clips
  • Set square / ruler / tape measure
  • Iron (preferably with steam) & ironing board
  • utting mat & rotary cutter

Step by Step DIY 3D Face Mask Pattern

  1. DIY 3D Face Mask Pattern step 1

    Fold the fabric right sides together (i.e. with the ‘beautiful side’ facing inwards) once on the long side and fold it together accurately > double rectangle 17.5 cm x 25 cm, the open side faces up.

  2. DIY 3D Face Mask Pattern step 2

    Measure 8 cm on both outer edges on the open side and secure with pins.

  3. DIY 3D Face Mask Pattern step 3

    Stitch both outer edges up to the marking (needle) at the width of your feet (i.e. 0.7 cm wide), locking the beginning and end (stitching forwards and backwards). Cut the threads tightly.

  4. DIY 3D Face Mask Pattern step 4

    Lay the tube down so that the seam is exactly in the middle (approx. 8.2 cm from the outer edge). Iron the seam allowances neatly apart. Then iron the entire tube of fabric until it is smooth (old saying: Well ironed is half sewn.

  5. DIY 3D Face Mask Pattern step 5

    Place a rubber band on the inside of the upper and lower opening and secure with a pin. After both rubber ends are neatly pinned in the corners, close the opening completely with pins.

  6. DIY 3D Face Mask Pattern step 6

    If possible, change the foot width to 0.5 cm by moving the needle of your sewing machine two positions to the right alternatively, when quilting, you now have to sew a little closer to the edge. Carefully stitch the two pinned together sides, sewing the corners back and forth over the elastic bands at least once so that they will hold securely later. Turn the whole thing through the opening in the middle seam. Now iron the mask well until all edges are straight this will make the next step much easier for you!

  7. DIY 3D Face Mask Pattern step 7

    Lay the mask down with the opening facing you. Fold one long side in a ‘Z’ towards the middle and back again and pin in place. fold the other side in opposite directions and pin in place. Work a tunnel for the nasal clip. On the long side that will later be on the nose (important if you have a fabric with a pattern!), measure the length of the nose clip + 2 cm in the middle and mark it. In my example, the nasal strap strip measures a comfortable 10 cm, as if I were measuring 12 cm and attaching pins to the top layer of fabric as a marker.

  8. DIY 3D Face Mask Pattern step 8

    Sew any loose threads, switch off the sewing machine, insert the nosepiece through the opening for the possible filter into the tunnel, lean back and admire your finished mask!

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