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diy dollhouse

Want to make a unique dollhouse for your toddler? Check out our easy tutorial on how to breathe new life into a few cases of wine and make a cute DIY dollhouse!

While some toys do not stand the test of time, the dollhouse remains a favorite in the eyes of children. This great classic of imitation toys was still a few centuries ago a luxury item, reserved for the wealthy. Fortunately, today it is easy to make a dollhouse at a low price: a few cases of wine, a tube of paint and miniature objects (which you can also make yourself) are enough to make a dollhouse. unique doll , which is both a real decorative object for a child’s room , and the promise of long hours of play for your mini-thumb.

Recycling Tutorial: Reuse Wine Crates To Make a DIY Dollhouse

Reclaimed material par excellence, wooden crates can be recycled in many ways. In decoration, they are readily used to serve as DIY shelves , as a tray for a coffee table or to compose a modular bookcase. On the children’s room side, wooden crates, crates and other wine crates can be used as a basis for making a dollhouse yourself. Well fixed between them, boxes and crates of different sizes are indeed ideal for forming the structure of a modern dollhouse, to customize as desired. However, be sure to sand the outlines of the wooden boxes with sandpaper, in order to eliminate potential splinters.

Made with reclaimed wooden crates, this DIY dollhouse easily adapts to your desires and has the advantage of being easy to DIY. Do not hesitate to involve your child in the realization of this tailor made toy by asking him to choose the shape of the roof, or the decorative elements of the dollhouse

How To Build DIY Dollhouse

  1. Disassemble the crates by sawing the boards. Drill the window with the hole saw. Drill out the doors and windows with the jigsaw. Cut out the roofing elements in the offcuts of the crates. Sand the pieces with sandpaper. Mark out the areas to be painted with masking tape. Apply 2 coats of paint and let dry. Depending on the size of your crates and taking inspiration from the photo, assemble the pieces by sticking them on their edges. Hold with clamps while drying. Nail the pieces to strengthen the assembly.
  2. The deckchair: cut the crossbars out of popsicle sticks and assemble them with wood glue. Make a cushion as for the armchair of the suitcase.
  3. The basket: cross 6 rattan threads by their middle. Tie string around the crossing and fold the threads vertically. Weave a rattan thread between the base threads. Secure the stop with a dot of glue applied with a glue gun. Place a few dried flowers in the basket.
  4. The washing line: draw the outlines of the laundry on the white sheet of paper. Cut them out. Cut a piece of string. Secure the ends to the walls with the glue gun. Glue the edge of the silhouettes on the cord. Cut small pieces of matches to use as clothespins and glue them.
  5. The scale: cut sections of about 4 cm in the matches. Glue them with wood glue across 2 journals and spacing them evenly.
  6. The tipi: cut 4 sections of about 7 cm in the wooden skewers. Tie one end of the skewers together with string. Spread the uprights so that the teepee stands upright. Wrap the pastry doily around the structure and glue it. Cut an opening for the door.
  7. The mat: cut a circle Ø 10 cm in the brown cardboard. Coat one side with glue and wrap the string on top, starting from the center. Decorate the house with other miniature items.
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