Clean And Simple DIY Farmhouse Desk

DIY farmhouse desk step by step

We have presented some ideas for DIY farmhouse desk for you on our website and now we are going to show you some ideas how you can use shelves, filing cabinets and old doors to create your own office at home.

More and more people are working from home. Technology makes teleworking easier, so working from home is proving to be a very essential option these days. Even those of you who don’t work regularly need space to do their business comfortably. And no other piece in the office is more important than the desk! Regardless of your preferences, you can always buy an office desk that suits your needs. But there are also a lot of ideas for DIY farmhouse desk projects that you can check out and get inspired. Whether you stand on a computer table, desk, standing desk or a mobile table, the choice is easier than ever. Take a look at our great examples and choose the one that best suits your interior design.

The usual desks have always been way too small for me. I learned and worked less at my desk and drew, sewed, painted, tinkered or written all the more. All of this needs space, which is why a minimalist desk ambience, as in the photos, is completely utopian for me.

Made from a heavy wooden plate and sturdy aluminum feet. The table is still in my parents’ house today. For my current apartment, however, I wanted something modern, simple and filigree. I made my current table from a wooden panel that I painted white and four pastel blue hairpin table legs my friend, on the other hand, was satisfied with a workbench from the hardware store.

But since he needs at least as much space as I do, he has often cursed the chaos of heavy books and study materials. So for Christmas, in collaboration with my father, who often helps me to turn my ideas into action, I built a large, stable, industrial-style desk for him to study and spread out. Less filigree and girlish, but robust, large and made of high-quality material that it lasts as long as possible, preferably forever. I will show you how you can build such a diy farmhouse desk.

What you need in terms of material for diy farmhouse desk project

  • a solid oak top, dimensions: 150 cm long, 80 cm deep and 2.6 cm thick
  • steel sled -base table legs, dimensions: 70 cm by 80 cm
  • varnish glaze with UV protection
  • wide brush
  • drill (best with depth stop attachment)
  • cordless screwdriver
  • countersunk wood screws (5 x 20)
  • felt gliders

DIY Farmhouse Desk Step by Step

  1. Ideally, you have the worktop or table top sawed to size in the hardware store. If that doesn’t work, it’s best to cut the panel yourself with a jigsaw.

    DIY farmhouse desk step 1

  2. Place the plate on two stands and sand it down by hand or with a sander. You then sand the edges of the plate with grit so that you can no longer bump it.

    DIY farmhouse desk step 2

  3. Now glaze the plate with the glaze. This is a little purple shimmering, that is due to the UV protection it contains. This prevents the plate from discoloring over time. Glazes the plate. Let the glaze dry and then sand over it. Repeat this step two or three times. If wood fibers stick out after the glaze has dried (“hairs”), sand over it again.

    DIY farmhouse desk step 3

  4. Once the glaze has dried, turn the plate and place the runner legs on it. I attached them two centimeters from the outer edge. Mark the holes with a pencil.

    DIY farmhouse desk step 4

  5. Now pre-drill the holes. With the depth stop you can be sure that you are not drilling too deep. Drilled with a diameter of 4.5 mm and a depth of 15 mm.

    DIY farmhouse desk step 5

  6. Now you can attach the table legs with the screws. Finally, attach the fils gliders to the bottom of the runners so you don’t ruin the floor when you move them.

    DIY farmhouse desk step 6

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